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expect 4g era--Sony

On November 12 at the Sony Expo 2013 Conference,
By Sony Group CEO and President Kazuo Hirai high hopes for the Sony Mobile Communications Division ,
In its new President, Greater China Guoqiang interview with this reporter set a goal: "In the global market , Sony Android phone to enter the top three positions ."

Honestly this is a task of no small difficulty ,
Known in 2013 ,
Android phones regardless of volume or market share, have achieved rapid results,
In the top priority of the Chinese market ,
In addition to Samsung , a dominant outside
"Chinese Cool UN" , led by domestic mobile phone manufacturers can be said to have sprung up everywhere ,
Plus millet, Meizu , OPPO and other emerging brands,
All of a sudden the international brand is difficult breathing ,
Domestic mobile phone brand is " occupied" market share among the five seats , four seats ,
So Sony's " counterattack" resistance is relatively large.

But Huang Guoqiang obviously has its own comprehensive plan ,
So will raise this difficulty is great, but we rather exciting goals,
He told reporters that Sony Mobile can hope to achieve four first :
Trends prophet , which is known carriers deployment and planning ;
Technology first for 4G technologies and products better prepared ;
Advanced products , for example, in the first batch of China Mobile 's 4G cooperation list which will have Sony ;
The last one is the first experience sharing, which is in the 4G era of unique content experience.

On this last point ,
Huang Guoqiang further explained:
4G era will be more content -rich,
Because the increase in bandwidth can give more and better user experience .
The content is precisely one of Sony's strengths ,
Whether music, games or movies,
Sony has a play space ,
This is actually " a Sony " strategy among the components.

In summary ,
Make a quick step around 4G deployments are Guoqiang gives Sony Mobile(such Xperia Z1 Case) new mission ,
This earlier Kazuo Hirai mentioned in his speech saying coincide,
Kazuo Hirai, Sony's revival strategy will focus on the Chinese market,
And has launched the first to support China Mobile's 4G mobile M35t , for example,
Description 4G mobile phone business opportunities and the importance.
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