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Sony's new machine exposure or metal frame for the new flagship Xperia

A metal material Sony mobile frame is exposed.
Although it is unclear metal frame in the end this is a smart phone which they belong,
But it is likely to be ready in the next year the launch of Sony's flagship model.
After all, earlier this year at CES, Sony released the Xperia Z1 Case smartphones,
So if Sony's CES early next year to launch the next generation of Xperia products,
It will be very reasonable.

From the metal frame of view,
The unknown smartphone similar in design to the Xperia.
Despite the exposure of the picture did not indicate size,
But some people think it should be in the range of 5 inches.
Of course, there is also speculation about the size just conjecture,
There is no information can be corroborated.
Taking into account the new Xperia smartphone will likely debut CES 2014,
Therefore, we will make every effort to dig out more about Sony Xperia phones new information.
Do you think this mysterious metal frame Xperia phone is the next generation of products?
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