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Sony Expo 2013 venue

In today's Sony Expo 2013 venue,
Although the new small,
But eye-catching enough ,
That is, has been updated to the third generation of display devices wearing HMZ-T3W,
Reporters for the first time to experience this no competitors "technology house plaything ."

This is compared to the previous generation of products ,
Biggest change is lighter weight ,
320g weight of HMZ-T3W T1 is 60% by weight ,
Put 15 minutes will not feel significant weight .
Change is the addition of a watch , " wireless technology ", and
Not only eliminates the connection trouble,
So watch posture becomes more arbitrary,
And even be able to charge wireless,
For a head-mounted products,
This progress is obviously very important.

HMZ-T3W equipped with dual LED screen,
Which claim to provide users with the outside 65 feet 750 inches screen effects,
Resolution sorry ,
Only 1280x720 pixels,
However, support for 3D display ,
With wireless capabilities,
7m far can receive a data source ,
Provide MHL, micro-HDMI port,
Can be used with smart phones and tablet PCs are connected .

Although the HMZ-T3W can provide to users exciting display,
But reporters in the experience of feeling after using too cumbersome ,
Unless it is able to fully control the depth of technology understood connection.
It consists of wearing the display device , the processor unit and the cell of three parts,
Different functions need to connect different units to achieve,
If you want an iPhone or iPad Xperia Z1 Case via wireless connection to watch ,
You need spurting connection.

So reporters after the experience of the advice given is
Nearly 8,000 yuan price of the product is suitable not bad money, control , geeks , audio enthusiasts and love the cool of the Tyrant .
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