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Smartphones watch future development strategy

Recalling the second half of this year ,
Sony Mobile launched the first video in addition to smart phones Xperia Z1 Case,
First waterproof thin large-screen phone Xperia Z Ultra XL39h stars such as flagship products,
But also with China Mobile to launch Sony's first 4G/TD-LTE smartphone Xperia SP M35t,
And became the first to obtain 4G/TD-LTE terminal network permits the two international manufacturers.
This series of actions are illustrated ,
Sony Mobile is an accumulated momentum of revival ,
Maybe its time for the outbreak of the upcoming 4G is official business .

On the other hand ,
Sony mobile wearable device also maintained rapid growth,
This is a smart watches only product line,
During the launch of the two generations of products ,
And an open attitude to provide connectivity for all Android phones use possible,
But will expand the application of smart watches exclusive to the 300 as much.

While maintaining relatively rapid development of smart watches while
Sony will also reflect on the future development of this new category of the road ,
After all, market cultivation and user acceptance is not an overnight thing.
Guoqiang highlighted
In the sales channel or a client positioning,
Or make smart watches and mobile phones to do a little of both associations,
If the words as a separate category ,
Afraid I can not allow consumers to have full user experience,
I hope smart watches to match smartphone.

In the future direction of development ,
Huang Guoqiang hope smart watches to their personal health , habits , etc. integrate them ,
So that this form of the products are more personal experience ,
Even beyond the scope of smart phone accessories ,
Users become very intimate partner.
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