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Small apps use a lot with baa Widget best

Xperia Z1 Case is also set to join the attentive Small apps ,
Simply press the function key at the far right of the three " multi-tasking Windows " key
Bottom was Small apps feature.
In addition to the default browser , notes , timer, computer outside ,
Users can also download and configure other applications as Small apps,
Designed for small apps , including the expansion of the set program or general Widget!

▲ Click the + sign can be downloaded from the Play Store Small apps dedicated software ,
Design more suitable for placement on the screen ;
And " plug-in pieces " you can put all can be placed on Home screen Widget to open a small window in the form ,
Match different applications to use , more convenient !

▲ currency unit as I think the most useful Small apps feature
Browsing the web instant conversion rates
I tried to PPS, Facebook, KKbox other forms of application to Small apps open ,
Temporarily think it is more practical to gadgets ,
Have you ever known any good Widget suitable for Small apps on it ?
Please respond in the field below to share your experiences now !
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