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Mini version of Z1 non-Japanese patents, international version of Xperia Z1S is expected to launch

When Japan announced the launch of a mini version Z1, namely Xperia Z1f (SO-02F) , the
Lament why many users are only available in Japan ,
Now do not have to sigh !
There are online sources,
Sony Mobile will also launch a mini version of the international Z1,
Named guess is Z1S!

▲ just look out of the fuselage phase ,
In addition to significantly smaller screen size , the
Design and Z1 is insignificant
Although nowadays mobile Mans beyond the greater
But not everyone needs big mans machine !
Refer to Japanese Xperia Z1 f practice ,
Z1S great chance reduced screen size of 4.3 inches,
Electricity will also dropped 2300 mAh,
However, because of the relationship between fine Mans ,
Life every minute more fresh !

As for the other equipment,
For example 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor , 20.7 million G lens, dust and water , etc., and Xperia Z1 Case exactly the same.


▲ Japanese version Xperia Z1 f has opened an appointment,
Especially outside of a black and white color is Japanese models a major feature
While the Xperia Z1 mini has the opportunity to launch the international version is good news
However, from past practice point of view,
Generally located only mainstream international edition color,
Not necessarily provide a pink and yellow selection ( relative also likely launch purple version ! ) .

Although so far there are listing date news,
But Japan has identified SO-02F launch date is 12 months late,
If the international version introduced later to project,
Photo on the phone plus outflow time
Every minute to go to January 2014 before buying to get it !
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