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Manual shooting modes, shoot photos even more to mind

I believe we all know Sony Xperia Z1 flagship recording function,
This will not be repeated to introduce the power of strong AR effect, Info eye, Social live and other functions , and
But would like to introduce themselves need to open "Manual" mode.

If you press machine with home side quickly capture key ,
The phone will default to "Advanced Smart tune mode "
Most of the camera settings are determined by phone ,
Users simply press the shutter button to shoot quickly .
But sometimes ,
Phone metering or color temperature settings may not meet the users heart of water ,
And the recording pixels is also preset to 800 million pixels,
If you want to run out of 20.7 million pixels and set their own lens parameters ,
You can open the camera's manual mode !

Xperia Z1 Case provides M mode manual shooting mode,
If an entity with the home turn on the camera capture key ,
In the lower right corner of the interface must first be switched

▲ switch to M mode , the
Users can manually determine camera parameters ,
Among the most commonly used than the EV exposure compensation function ,
In contrast strongly backlit or circumstances,
Adjust the phone EV value ,
Order to get the right body exposure .
For example, in the case of shooting against the light ,
You can increase the EV value to make the body does not become silhouettes.
Of course, users can also manually adjust the white balance,
In the light of more complex environment can still select the color temperature as you see fit .

▲ also adjust the ISO value ,
If you need to zoom in or photographs for local tailoring,
Shooting time we can set a lower ISO values ( range of 50 - 3200) ,
Avoid excessive noise amplification photos .

▲ Users can also set the recording pixels ,
Smart Capture settings that 800 million pixels is not detailed enough , then,
To enter the manual mode to shoot 20.7 million pixel photos now !
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