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2013 Sony phones eye-catching performance

In fact, in the past year ,
Sony's mobile phone business performance has been very eye-catching,
Especially in the Sony Group 's overall business downturn ,
More of its tendency to turn the tide .

In the just-concluded second quarter of fiscal year 2013 ( ended September 30 ) ,
Sony group net loss of 19.3 billion yen .
Affected by earnings reports
Sony lowered its earnings estimates for fiscal year 2013 ,
Down from 50 billion yen to 300 billion yen.
Wherein the second quarter, the overall operating profit fell by 50%,
To 14.8 billion yen ( $ 151 million ) ,
Mainly because Sony Pictures business losses .

But in this one,
Driven by strong sales of smartphones Sony overall revenue growth ,
Sony's second-quarter handset shipments reached 10 million units,
Mobile communications business products and sales increase compared with the same period last year 39.3%
Reached 418.6 billion yen .
Therefore, Sony plans to end at the end of March 2014 of the fiscal year,
The company's smartphone sales will grow by more than a quarter
Reached 42 million .

Recalling the second half of this year ,
Sony Mobile launched the first video in addition to smart phones Xperia Z1 Case ,
First waterproof thin large-screen phone Xperia Z Ultra XL39h stars such as flagship products,
But also with China Mobile to launch Sony's first 4G/TD-LTE smartphone Xperia SP M35t,
And became the first to obtain 4G/TD-LTE terminal network permits the two international manufacturers.
This series of actions are illustrated ,
Sony Mobile revival in an accumulation of momentum
Maybe its time for the outbreak of the upcoming 4G is official business .

In today 's Kazuo Hirai, Sony Expo 2013 conference also revealed
Sony's mobile business has three major strategies :
First, focus on e-business resources into mobile products, especially smart phones , including photographs, picture, sound quality , etc. Sony's most cutting-edge technology will be applied in the smart phone ;
The second is through the smart phone entertainment content to users more sharing ;
Third, Sony will provide more network services.
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